Howard Breen (HBreen at Island.net)
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 21:18:37 -0700

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October 14, 1997


TO: Canadian and Foreign Individuals/Organizations=20
and First Nations
Concerned about Netcage Aquaculture Expansion
In the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

FROM: Jim Fulton, The David Suzuki Foundation (604) 732-4228
Laurie MacBride, Georgia Strait Alliance (250) 247-8670
Catherine Stewart, Greenpeace Canada (604) 253-7701
Greg Simmons, Sierra Legal Defence Fund (416) 368-7533
Chief Robert Joseph, Musgamagw Tsawataineul Tribal Council,=20
Telephone 1-888-287-2955 or(250)974-5516 or toll free 1-800-244-0969
Richard Watts, Nuu-Chah- Nulth Tribal Council (250) 724-5757=20


1) Read the Attached Backgrounder (below).=20

2) SIGN ON Your Organization onto the Attached "Open Letter To=20
Hon. David Anderson." (below)

TO SIGN: Send an e-mail with your name or the name of your group, your=
address and a contact person to:
HBreen at island.net =20
You may REPLY to this message directly.

The deadline for the letter is Close of Business on Friday, October
17, 1997.

3) Write or Call your OWN Member of Parliament/Congress.


Contact Hon. David Anderson (DFO Minister)
email (min at www.ncr.dfo.ca) or fax (613-990-7292) =20

Rt. Hon Jean Chr=E9tien Prime Minister of Canada
613-992-4241 613-941-6900(Fax)
email: pm at pm.gc.ca

4) Share this Alert with Others (cross-post please).

Thank You.



An Open Letter to Honourable David Anderson,=20
Minister of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans

We, the undersigned groups and individuals call upon Canada's=
of Fisheries and Oceans, David Anderson, to make public by the end of this=
a schedule for implemention of safe, closed loop containment systems for=
aquaculture operations for all Canada's waters. =20

If the Minister fails to make this commitment to protect Canada's=
fish stocks, and marine
biodiversity, we demand his resignation.


[send to HBreen at Island.Net to sign on]



Minister Anderson has demonstrated contempt for many concerns associated
with the salmon aquaculture industry (see actions listed below). =20

DFO's support and advocacy of open netcage aquaculture raises human health=
concerns as well as concerns for our wild fish stocks and marine=
biodiversity. =20

Areas solely the jurisdiction of David Anderson, Minister for Department for=
Fisheries and Oceans (DFO):

(a) continued federal support/approval of importation of Atlantic eggs, even
in the face of early warnings by DFO personnel about the dangers of disease
introduction (over a million Atlantic escapes reported to date).

(b) continued federal support for salmon netcage aquaculture through the
Fed. Aquaculture Development Strategy. This translates into some significant
subsidies for the industry while wild salmon restoration programs are cut or

(c) his recent announcement that he would soon be appointing a federal
Aquaculture Commissioner implies ongoing support for the industry as it's
currently operated - unless this commissioner is to oversee phasing out of
Atlantic imports and conversion to closed containment, we can't support=

(d) DFO's continued support for the use of Acoustic Deterrent Devices
(ADD's)to deter seals and sea lions, even when their own study proved=20
conclusively that they created exclusionary-zones to orcas, and porpoises=20
(which is contrary to the Federal Fisheries Act).

(e) DFO's continued permitting of shooting of marine mammals by fish farmers
(and non-enforcement of the unpermitted shootings that also occur);=20
Note: over 500 mammals annually. New industry predator nets entangle and=20
inhumanely drown animals.