Banggai Cardinalfish

littled at
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 20:53:49 -0500

Thanks to everyone who has responded to my request for information on
the Cardinalfish both privately and via this list. I was happy to see
the information come out about the triumphs of the captive breeding of
these fish. I hope to be able to document our own triumphs soon.

A few questions I have remaining

What is the range of this fish? TFH article by Dr. Allen mentions the
island of Banggai. Is it found around the neighboring islands, etc.?
Does anyone know of a good map online that would have the islands around
Bali and Sulawesi?

How many are being collected and exported?

Are there any regulations in place or pending to limit the

Is there more known about the life history?

Thanks in advance for your help

Dave Littlehale