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On Mon, 28 Oct 1996, Rob Huntley wrote:

> icafe (info at writes:
> > my name is adrian piers, i am inerested in the conservation of the genetic
> > resources of a group of fishes collectively known as tilapia
> > these fish will gain in importance as the worlds population grows

I don't know precisely why this person is interested in tilapia genetics
but I would guess it would relate to their use in human consumption
judging by their last sentance. As many folks hopefully realise various
Tilapia species have been introduced all over the world as a food fish,
vegetation control or they have just gotten lose due to some other factor.

My question to the list is how concerned should we be as conservation
biologists in conserving genetic diversity in Tilapia spp specifically
for human, rather than evolutionary purposes? Now, let me just add that
I have no disagreeance with the question I just asked. However, what if
we knew that this would lead to further introductions into occupied and
unoccupied habitats where it is likely to cause a loss of biodiversity?
An interesting dilema indeed that I have somewhat simplified but I would
still be very interested to hear people's thoughts on this problem.


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