[acn-l] two new webpages--desert springs and gambusia

peter.unmack at ASU.Edu
Mon, 02 Nov 1998 18:58:27 -0700 (MST)

Apologies for cross postings!!

G'day Folks

I would like to inform you of two new web pages, the one immediately
following on desert springs, and below that, a webpage specifically on
Gambusia (damnbusia) control.

The Desert Springs Action Committee would like to announce the creation of our
new web site at;


Tom Webster has done a great job in creating these webpages to document the
efforts of aquarists to contribute to the well being of some Nevadan fishes
and their habitats. The web pages contain a variety of information including
details of the groups conservation efforts over the last few years and
reasonably detailed information on the natural history of Ash Meadows,
including Devil's Hole. Additional natural history information for localities
that we have conducted our work in will be added soon. There is also an
excellent educational video available for purchase on Ash Meadows.

The Gambusia control homepage can be found at;


Created by Aarn, a recent PhD graduate of Macquarie University, Australia, it
is dedicated to ongoing investigation of the effect of Gambusia on native
aquatic fauna, and exploration of potential means of control. This page will
be of interest to scientists, aquarists, and environmentalists. While many of
the examples here come from specific geographic regions like Australia, New
Zealand, and North America most of the issues are common across the worldwide
distribution of Gambusia.

Happy web surfing!

Best fishes

Peter J Unmack peter.unmack at asu.edu
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