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Subject: SIGN ON to Our Future Our Health II

To Ontario Environment Network groups,

below is a message from the Ontario Environmental Protection Working Group,
that we were asked to forward. Apologies for cross postings.


James Saper

>Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 15:13:52 -0000
>TO: All Interested Groups
>FROM: Chris Winter, Chair, Ontario Environmental Protection Working Group
>RE: Sign on to Our Future Our Health II
>Dear friends,
>As you may be aware, the Ontario Environmental Protection Working Group
(OEPWG) has been working on a follow-up report to our first effort in March
1997 ("Our Future Our Health: A Statement of Concern from Environmental
Organizations in Ontario")
>The new report continues with the challenge of calling the government to
task on its lack of commitment to addressing environmental pollution -- in
particular, acid rain, smog and air toxics, waste management sites, and
Ontario Hydro.
>The draft report is on the internet at
>If you can sign on, send me an e-mail at ocs at web.net by Thursday June 4.
>We will be arranging our press conference for either June 9 or 10, or for
the end of June, depending on other scheduled releases. The earlier date is
preferable because the legislature will still be in session then.
>If you need a hard copy of the report complete with the endnotes, please
let me know either by e-mail or at (416) 533-5747.
James Saper
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