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From: Jeff Reynolds <cteno4 at earthlink.net>
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Subject: Jean Michel Cousteau Coral Reef CD ROM

Dear Aquatic Conservation Network,

Recently, I produced an educational CD-ROM with Jean Michel Cousteau
called CITIES UNDER THE SEA: Coral Reefs. The disc is highly educational
and focuses on looking at coral reefs from an overall systems ecology
standpoint. I am now in the beginning to get in touch with groups and
stores that are interested in coral reefs to let them know about the disc
and offer them a wholesale price if they wish to resell the disc. The
disc would be a very nice addition to any educational materials that you
distribute. It could also be used a membership/donation bonus or as a
fund raiser for your organization (you can resell to your membership at
whatever price you would like). I would appreciate it if you would pass
this information on to anyone that may be interested in it.

If your organization is interested in reselling the disc, I can send you
a single copy at wholesale ($14.95 + $3s/h) for your evaluation/use. I
also sell the dics retail via mail for anyone who just wants single
copies or a small number. The mail order price is $29.95 (that price
includes 2nd day US mail delivery and 2 or more discs are only $25 each
with free shipping). If you do not wish to place a wholesale order, I
can send you a flyer that you can provide to your members (at meetings or
in mailings) to mail order the disc from me. For every disc sold by your
organization with a flyer I will pay your organization $5.00.
Alternatively, you can offer a club discount of $5 from the $29.95 mail
order price if they mention your club.

Non-profit organizations, libraries, and schools can also order copies of
the disc from me at $25 ($20 each for 2 or more copies) for use in their
libraries and education programs. I will be donating 10% of the profits
from the sale of the disc to coral reef education projects. This will be
in the form of cash and discs for education programs and schools.

The information on the disc and the pricing is below. I can mail you
further information if you wish or please visit the web site for lots
more information on the disc. Please feel free to contact me if you have
any questions, would like more information, or would like to place an


Jeffrey H. Reynolds
5236 Locksley Ave.
Oakland, CA 94618
510.653.8929 voice
510.653.8909 fax
email: cteno4 at earthlink.net
cteno4 at aol.com
web: http://home.earthlink.net/~cteno4

Disc Info:

We are now offering a new reseller price of $14.95 for Jean-Michel
Cousteau¹s stunning coral reefs CD-ROM. This resale pricing structure has
been created for museum, aquarium, zoo, travel, specialty, and nonprofit
stores to allow a suggested retail price of $29.95. This award winning
CD-ROM is an attractive retail addition to stores that focus on the
marine environment and natural history. In addition the wholesale price
is extended to non-profit groups that would like to resell the disc or
distribute it as a membership bonus. Orders can be placed in any quantity
of 6 units or more.
CITIES UNDER THE SEA: Coral Reefs is a spectacular exploration of
undersea ³cities² of coral reefs with the world renowned undersea
explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau as your host. In this CD-ROM you will
travel via the 3-D animated submarine to seven undersea laboratories,
each focusing on a different ecological theme to demonstrate how this
perfectly balanced ecosystem works. This is a perfect CD-ROM for anyone
in the family from ages 10 to adult who is fascinated with coral reefs.
The content of CITIES UNDER THE SEA was developed by a team of scientists
and educators to be a through presentation of coral reefs using the
systems and cycles approach of ecology.

The design of CITIES UNDER THE SEA urges you to explore by piquing your
interest with stunning images, then allowing you to dive as deeply as you
like into the content. The disc was designed to be both beautiful and
interactive, as well as highly informative. The design encourages you to
create your own paths through the disc, finding your own connections and
patterns in the rich life that abounds on the reef. The design is
multi-leveled; you always get the big picture first, followed by levels
of increasing detail. At any point you can move more deeply in the
direction you are going, or move sideways to related material that
catches your interest.

For more information and samples of the disc please visit the CITIES
UNDER THE SEA web site at:


Or for ordering information or more details about the disc please contact
me at:

Jeff Reynolds
5236 Locksley Ave.
Oakland, CA 94618
510.653.8929 voice
510.653.8909 fax
email: cteno4 at earthlink.net
jmcreefs at aol.com


€ All-original full-color photographs, videos, graphics, sound and text
created expressly by Jean-Michel Cousteau and crew for CITIES UNDER THE
€ Over 700 breathtaking images
€ 35 minutes of fascinating, narrated video
€ More than 50 minutes of colorful slide shows
€ Over 70,000 words of text
€ 3-D submarine rides through a virtual reef
€ A full course in coral reef ecology
€ Two lively ³Hot Topics² critical thinking games on ecological/social
issues involving coral reefs


³Šuncommonly imaginative CD-ROMŠenlightening educational materialŠwill
yield many hours of enlightening entertainment.² ‹ CD-ROM Today

³Šdazzling CD-ROMŠNarrated video and stunning photos provide
unforgettable picturesŠ² ‹ Home PC
"Šoutstanding graphics and 3-D animation.²
‹ Natural History Magazine

³The photographs of fish and plant life that make up the reef are
surprisingly vividŠ² ‹ People Magazine

"The pick of the lot is Cities Under the Sea: Coral Reefs.²
‹ Publishers Weekly
An In-Ovation Award Winner

(full review text is available at the web site or by request)

Retail Info:

€ SRP $29.95
€ Reseller Price: $14.95
€ Box Weight: 10 ounces
€ Box Size: 9² x 8² x 2.25²
€ Case Weight: 10lbs.
€ Case Size: 16.25² x 14² x 9²
€ 12 units per case.
System Requirements:

€ IBM® PC or compatible
€ 486SX-33MHz processor or better
€ 8 MB RAM
€ 5.4 MB hard disc space available
€ 640x480 display with 265 colors
€ Double speed CD-ROM drive (300KB/sec transfer rate)
€ Microsoft® Windows® 3.1 or later, or Windows 95®
€ Sound card supported by Microsoft Windows
€ Mouse

Please let me know if you are interested in a Macintosh version of the
product. A Mac version has been produced (for an educational distributor)
that has several additional features (two text reading levels, all photos
blow up to full screen, a quiz game, and many additional navigational
features), but no production run has been made for the retail market
until there is significant reseller response.

Jeffrey H. Reynolds, Ph.D.
5236 Locksley Ave.
Oakland, CA 94618
510.653.8929 voice
510.653.8909 fax
email: cteno4 at earthlink.net
cteno4 at aol.com
web: http://home.earthlink.net/~cteno4