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May 1997

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14 May 1997

The Biology & Ecology of Fishes
Scottish Marine Group meeting.
University of St. Andrews
Gatty Marine Laboratory

Contact: Dr Matt Bentley Tel: 01334 463444 Fax: 463443
EMail (Gatty Marine Lab.) mgb at st-andrews.ac.uk

24 May 1997 (Saturday) Low Tide Event

Brighton, Shoreham-by-Sea, Rye, Sussex, and other venues on the English
Channel coast, see Link below.

River Ocean Research URL= http://gnew.gn.apc.org/rore/

6-7 June 1997

6th EUCC Conference: Coastlines '97
Naples, Italy.
European Union for Coastal Conservation

General Secretariat: Jolanda van Dijk.
PO Box 11232, 2301 EE Leiden, the Netherlands.
EMail: admin at eucc.nl
Tel: + 31 71 5122900, Fax: + 31 71 5124069


8 June 1997 (Sunday)

World Oceans Day
Wildlife & Countryside Link.

Contact: Cathy Lord 0171 924 2355
Cathy Lord EMail cathy at wildlink.demon.co.uk


23 April 1997. Martyn McDonald landed a Tadpole Fish, Raniceps raninus, on rod and line using a
lugworm bait from the harbour arm at Newhaven, east of Brighton, East Sussex. The fish was about
28 cm long and weighed 0.9 kg (2 lb). There are no BMLSS records for this fish being caught from
the shore off Sussex. The fish was dark brown with a white band half-way down its back. The fish is
recorded as widespread and found all around the British coast, but is a solitary and uncommon fish.
Andy Horton has seen a live specimen at the Cullercoats Marine Laboratory Aquarium, near

15 April 1997. The European Fisheries Ministries in Luxembourg voted for a 30% reduction in
fishing in European waters implemented over the next 5 years. The reduction applies to vessels over
10 metres in length. Tony Baldry, Fisheries Minister stated that 'The UK will not implement these
measures until the quota-hopping issue is sorted at the International Governmental Conference'.
Professor Alistair McIntyre (Aberdeen) stated 'It was a very good step forward. It was high time tat
the fishing pressure was reduced, and it would be good for the fishing industry in the long term'.
(Information from BBC1 News). There are also restrictions on mesh sizes of nets which will affect
French fishermen.


The English web site now contains details of articles published in other
journals, on television and other media.

URL = http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/BMLSS/refs-97.htm

Sample inclusions. Please access the site for a comprehensive list.
If readers know of other articles, it would be appreciated if they could send in details.

June/July 1997 "Countryside" wildlife magazine of the British Naturalists' Association.
"Why to Crabs Walk Sideways" by Andy Horton and Jane Lilley, with colour photographs of
British crabs.

24 April 1997. (Thursday). Horizon: Documentary examining the true impact of oil pollution
on the environment. Features the Sea Empress disaster in SW Wales, 1996. 9.00 pm. (50
minutes). Excellent documentary, especially for viewers not familiar with the issues.
However, many aspects and concerns were omitted. It would take more than 50 minutes to
cover all aspects. However, the documentary could possibly be improved with a summary of
the important concerns at the end of the programme.

29 March 1997 New Scientist. "New farm pesticides to flood Scottish lochs" by Rob
Edwards. Plans for new chemicals to deal with Salmon Lice problem.

Offshore Oil and Gas Industry: Critical Summary of failure to implement regulations, by
Guy Linley-Adams, Marine Conservation Society journal Vol. 3 No. 10 (Spring 1997).

Seahorse Nature Aquarium (Exeter). Saga magazine, January 1997. Good report by David
Higgs about Neil and Maxine Garrick-Maidment's Aquarium and the biology of seahorses,
captive breeding, conservation issues.


For details of how to join the BMLSS, please contact the above address, or the World Wide
Web site at Scotland which will include some sample articles which can be downloaded to
your computer. The copyright of each article remains with the writer of each article and
reproduction is not permitted without express permission.

The British Marine Life Study Society was formed in June 1990 and the first issue of
Glaucus was published in September 1990.

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