[acn-l] Species Registrations

James Hensinger (ascot at mosquito.com)
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 15:40:49 -0500


We would like to introduce you to our database and service if you have not
already visited us on the Internet. We are a searchable, worldwide
database of aquatic species and producers of food fish and aquarists
species which is accessible through the Internet, located at
http://www.aquafind.com/. Listing aquatic producers in the database is
free and presents the opportunity of gaining more exposure to the
Aquaculture community. Searching the database is also free enabling anyone
searching for a specific species or producer to have a better chance of
consummating their search successfully. This database enables anyone
involved in the aquaculture industry to make contacts without having to
search the whole web hoping to find someone involved with the species they
are concerned with.

We are constantly contacting producers and associated agencies to encourage
them to visit our site and register their company and it's products.
Individual producers, research facilities, corporations, and any other
persons or groups associated with aquatic species are all welcome to
register as the additional potential for exposure can only be an added
advantage for them. Our site is supported by advertising and their are no
fees involved nor is the data contained therein used for solicitation
purposes. If the species is aquatic we will list it and if it is not yet
in our database we will add it. If their is something you can not find, we
will help with your search.

After monitoring the requests in various aquatic news groups for
information, we recognize that this would be an ideal medium for
researchers to use as a network to make contacts. This site is also an
ideal area for retailers to search to find suppliers for their needs. Many
buyers have already found the site to be useful in finding sources for
their companies needs.

Rather than continuing to relate the possibilities our site presents for
you, we just ask that you take a moment to consider itís value to you or
your company and register. We welcome any questions or comments you may
have and look forward to your participation.


James Hensinger
Ascot International