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On Fri, 29 Mar 1996 17:33:32 -0700 (MST), peter.unmack at ASU.Edu wrote:
>Since I was mentioning the importance of undertaking activities in a
>legal manner I figured I would mention an interesting situation. All the
>fish (of which there was only a few) that were collected from Lake Eacham
>were collected illegally (In most Queensland National Parks angling or
>fish collecting is not permitted). If they hadn't been illegally collected,
>then representatives from this lake would no longer be in existance
>(like the representaives of the other two species originally inhabiting the
>lake that were never kept in aquaria). I very doubt that had aquarists
>applied for a permit to collect from the lake that it would have been
>granted either (although I hope this situation may be a little more
>relaxed today if it is justified and a formal breeding program is going
>to be established). In addition, after the lake had been surveyed and
>the fish was declared extinct, requests by local Australian and New
>Guinea Fishes Association members to undertake further surveys were
>rejected. It was hoped that a different technique and perspective to
>sample the lake may show different results. I guess we'll never know.
I've heard a similar situation has been taking place in my home state.
We have a few endangered and threatened species which are illegal to
collect or keep. A few individuals are working to propagate and keep
this species alive in tanks. Not an easy trick when some must go
through a significant cold period to induce spawning. Luckily the
authorities are taking a blind eye to their collections and actually
encouraging their work. Although technically their program is illegal,
at least the authorities recognize this program may be the only choice
for these species' survival. There are no official programs to protect
these unnoticed fish. Had they been large fish or a game fish, money
and programs may have been set up. Instead its not even noticed when
they're caught in minnow traps and sold as bait.
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