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Sun, 17 Mar 1996 09:23:46 -0700 (MST)

G'day Fishcrazies

Despite some early debate on threatened species and captive maintenance
by aquarists we really didn't come to any sort of conclusions. I'd like
to propose an of item for discussion along the following lines:

Where should aquarists focus their attention in terms of which
species/varieties to maintain for conservation purposes? A couple of
important points to consider in this issue is the fact that very few fish
raised by amateur aquarists have ever been used or considered in releases of
endangered species. The second is that, as Les Kaufman put it earlier,
once fish are released to amateur aquarists they consider them to out of
the managed stock of that species, ie, they can release fish to
aquarists but the aquarists cannot return fish into the program later.
However, I should also point out that these fish can also be used quite
valuably in other ways such as research and educational programs, just
not returned to the wild.

Should aquarists be worrying about species that are only in minor to
moderate decline, or should they just focus on maintaining those species
most likely to go extinct in the wild in the next few years? Is the
"function" of amateur aquarist conservation efforts going to be the
"arcing" of extinct species in the wild rather than ever having active
involvement in release programs?

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