Handfish in Derwent Estuary in Tasmania faces extinction

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Sat, 15 Jun 1996 19:29:42 +1000

Greetings all - this was posted to the Rainbowfish Mailing List and I though
it would be of interest to ACN-L members
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Handfish in Derwent Estuary in Tasmania faces extinction

Source: #48 Helix? Magazine June/July '96 p8

I have paraphrased a short article even through you can say this is
plagerism the content was too important to risk being changed. btw the
picture shows a beautiful fish potential for aquariums.

Last Stand of the Handfish

has pear-shaped fish
once common in Derwent Estuary in Tasmania
Spotted Handfish (Brachionichthys hirsutus)
population has colapsed
listed as endangered
Barry Bruce, CSIRO biologist division of Fisheries says its becoming the
fist known species of marine fish to have died in recorded history
Named after strange hand-like fins, the Spotted Handfish grows to ~10cm
cream coloured with yellow and black spots
lives by walking along the bottom of Derwent Estuary

Only four confirmed sightings in past five years
Jon Bryan, marine biologist, working with Tasmanian Conservation Trust
beleived fish was victim of recent introduction of North Pacific Seastar
introduced by ballast water of trade ships in mid-1980s
seastar has eaten out many local shellfish pop. and the eggs of these Handfish
Jon's calling for a recovery program
may be too late already

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