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a short piece recently on the oz-angling list

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>Well its good to see this mail group is not a dead fish as it were.... I
>was just bored trying to write up my honours thesis very late last night
>and thought i'd try and start something...
>Some excellent points brought up:
>1. Habitat degredation and alteration is the number one cause of native
>fish declines;
>2. Carp may affect natives as they are more opportunistic and tolerant of
>habitat and flow alterations. Therefore should be seen as another
>potential threat to natives, who are already be on the decline for any
>number of other reasons.
>3. We need more info...The nature of the scientific method is rigorous
>testing of hypotheses and subsequent discussions which invariably
>provides more questions than answers. Don't get me wrong, significant
>problems are being addressed and answers are being provided. However
>serious research unfortunately takes many years, $$'s and dedicated
>individuals. Unfortunately we won't get answers overnight but hopefully
>they are coming.
>4. Then its up to the beaurecrats to implement these findings and
>recommendations. Progress in this department is already underway with the
>formation of the National River Health Program, check it out at:
>Thanks for the input and discussion, lets make this news group a forum
>for more than just 'where are they biting'. As a recreational angler and
>a freshwater biologist/bug-picker! (maybe, depending on my honours
>thesis!!??) I've already seen the need for anglers to become aware of
>their resource and how fragile it may be. Every little bit helps.
>Chris Williams
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