[acn-l] job posting

Marie-Annick Moreau (c3ah at musica.mcgill.ca)
Fri, 8 Jan 1999 10:24:34 -0500

Project Seahorse has extended the deadline for two positions, with
descriptions attached here.

Marie-Annick Moreau
Research Assistant

Project Seahorse

Project Seahorse is an integrated programme of conservation and management
initiatives for seahorses, their relatives and their habitats. This
international collective of biologists and social workers is led by Dr
Amanda Vincent (McGill University, Montreal, Canada) and Dr Heather Hall
(Zoological Society of London, United Kingdom) with teams based in Canada,
the UK, the Philippines, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

We offer the following five-year post-doctoral positions (equivalent
experience may be acceptable). All need independence, flexibility, and
strong interpersonal and organisational skills.

Aquarium Research Co-ordinator

Develop research on husbandry and management of seahorses and their
relatives, especially by public aquaria. Build scientific databases,
design and co-ordinate experiments, facilitate analysis, write papers,
answer public enquiries. In partnership with Shedd Aquarium and based in
Chicago, USA. Re-advertisement.

Aquaculture Research Co-ordinator

Train and guide developing country teams in advancing small-scale
low-technology seahorse aquaculture in the Philippines and Vietnam.
Encourage experimental approaches to devising culturing protocols.
Co-ordinate seahorse culturing globally. The post will be based in Asia.
Deadline extended.

New deadline for all applications for both jobs is 1 March 1999.
Jobs will begin on about 1 June 1999

Possible applicants should request detailed information from Dr. Amanda
Vincent and Dr. Heather Hall (Fax:1-514-398-5069,
e-mail:c3ah at musica.mcgill.ca) BEFORE sending applications.