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Fri, 23 Jan 1998 11:04:31 -0500

Dear All:

REPTILIA, The European Herp Magazine is being mailed! Thanks to all of you
who helped us, to those who already subscribed without even knowing us and
to those who inserted ads!

What you will find in the mailbox is the following:
Adventures and anecdotes with relatives and snakes by Joan Egert,
Thermoregulation in Reptiles by Manuel Areste,
An excellent Photoreport on Chameleons by Alberto Llado and Pere Martinez,
The Water Dragon, Physignathus cocincinus by Manuel Llado,
Adventures with the Giants of the Oceans by Jaume Sane,
Plant Imitators by Juan Ignacio Pardo,
The Snakes of Panama by Carlos Perez Santos,
All Species of Salamandra by Xavier Rivera,
Reptilandia Park by Jose Bergada,
The Serpents of Olympus by Ricardo Batista,
The Extinction of Reptiles and Amphibians by Merce Viader,
Herps & Stamps (I) by Jordi Viader,
plus the Poster (Cerastes cerastes),
book reviews by Breck Bartholomew and Cesar Barrios,
many sections, beautiful pictures, classifieds, a lot of enthusiasm, etc., etc.!

We look very much forward to hearing your opinion on this first issue.
Those of you who still have not subscribed but wish to do so or to purchase
a single sample, please just send us a short note and we'll give you the

Merce Viader


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