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From: "Stuart Blanch" <sblanch at irnnsw.org.au>
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Subject: A conference on the environmental issues of weirs, 18 and 19 August, 2000 in Sydney.
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000 19:52:24 +1100


The Inland Rivers Network is hosting a conference on weirs on 18 and 19
August 2000 in Sydney, Australia. The conference, 'The Way Forward on
Weirs', addresses both inland and coastal weirs and other structures thta
block the movement of water and aquatic biota.

The first circular is attached.

Briefly, it is a conference on the ecological, engineering, economic and
social aspects of reducing the environmental impacts of weirs and other
structures in waterways of south-eastern Australia.

The four key questions to be addressed at the conference are
* What are the effects of weirs on the environment?
* How can weir operations be altered to be more environmentally sensitive?
* How can weirs be removed?
* What are the alternative solutions for providing water in rural

Who should attend? Weir operators, water resource managers, fish
biologists, irrigators, farmers, conservationists, ecologists, engineers
and members of catchment and river management commitees.

Expressions of interest for the presentation of papers or posters and
conference attendance are requested by 15 February 2000.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.


Dr Stuart Blanch
Conference Convenor and Coordinator, Inland Rivers Network.

Dr Stuart Blanch
Inland Rivers Network
33 George St
Sydney, NSW, 2000

Ph 02 9241 6267
mobile 0407 279 088

Fax 02 9247 1206
sblanch at irnnsw.org.au

IRN is a network of conservation groups and individuals with a goal of
restoring and conserving the biological diversity, natural functioning and
health of the inland rivers and wetlands of NSW. Together with local and
regional environmental groups, IRN seeks to promote a greater understanding
amongst landholders, inland communities and government of the threats to
inland rivers of unsustainable land and water management practices. Member
organisations on the Steering Committee include the Australian Conservation
Foundation, Nature Conservation Council of NSW, National Parks Association
of NSW, Coast and Wetlands Society, and Friends of the Earth.

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