Re: protection of brown trout information/referral (fwd)

Cary Hostrawser (caryho at
Tue, 13 Feb 1996 02:59:59 GMT

I can understand Peters point of view. He may be bit jaded about the
effects of trout on an ecosystem because of the devastation they have
caused in Australian waters. Although IMHO it would be better to
preserve the waters for the endemic fish, using the resources of fish
and game programs can help to rehabilitate and protect a water way.
Its a shame we can't get as much help for fish that people don't want
to catch and eat.

On Mon, 12 Feb 96 9:13:30 EST, RobertJones at wrote:
>Peter, while it certainly would seem that the protection and preservation of
>native species would be a more noble project, finding fault with a project
>with the stated purpose of preserving open lands and limiting parking lots in
>a county bordering the urban/suburban sprawl of D.C. seems a bit mis-guided.
>This especially when compounded with assumptions about existing or displaced
>native species, and the possibility that introduced exotics are having a
>negative impact on the "Garden of Eden" ecosystem that should be available in
>Montgomery County, Maryland. The fact of the matter is that a great deal of
>the concern for and funding of projects to protect and preserve lakes and
>rivers in this country - and the diversity of flora and fauna that they
>support - comes directly out of the pockets of anglers. And, anglers like to
>fish for trout. If the folks in Maryland are asking for information that will
>help them improve the water quality their portion of the Potomac River's
>watershed to a level that will support and protect brown trout, we should
>respect their efforts and offer our assistence rather than criticize their
>good intentions.

Cary Hostrawser

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