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This Tuesday December 12th on CBC NEWSWORLD at 10pm local time, Canadian
TV viewers will see a fascinating and important saga told from one of
the Pacific North west's remotest and wildest corners. The story AGAINST
THE CURRENT focusses on the struggle by the smallest First Nations band
in British Columbia to restore a once-magnificent sockeye salmon run,
and thus themselves

Fighting some of the worst storms in North America, and a history of
indifference and betrayal that continue to this day, they sacrifice
everything they have to produce millions of sockeye out of their
hatchery: the only private sockeye hatchery in Canada.

The story follows the crucial year in the hatchery, and the ending will
surprise and shock you!

For more information about the broadcast, the band, the issues, or to
obtain copies please contact
George Orr
Western Edge Productions Ltd.
1039 West Keith Road
North Vancouver BC
V7P 3C7
gorr at bcit.ca

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