[acn-l] presentation message

Gagliardi Flavio (flaviogagliardi at usa.net)
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 06:18:46 -0600 (MDT)

I wish to enter the ACN-L in order to exchange more info on aquatic
life, conservation projects, fish biodiversity problems worldwide,
endangered species and what else. I wish to present myself: I'm a 29 years old
biologist experienced in fish biology and aquaculture actually working at
the Italian Enviroment Ministery, section sea-defense. I would like to receive
an initial background of information from ACN on matters related to fish
conservation. Whether my job actually leds me to work with sea problems, my
favourite interest for cichlids brought me to became a member of the board of
the Italian Cichlid Association. We work hard in order to inform how to proper
care those animals through a bulletin, an annual congress, videos and slides.
Our association is 4 years old and ctually we count about 400 members. Having
in mind a broader collaboration world wide to sustain fish safeguard, we
would like to have
tight contacts with the ACN. Hoping you agree with us and that my english
has been acceptable, I send you my best regards.
hoping to receive news soon from ACN.

Dr. Flavio Gagliardi,
Via Lucrino 41-F,
00199 Roma,
e-mail: flaviogagliardi at usa.net

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