[acn-l] FW: NANFA-- Freshwater Crab found in Nevada (fwd)

PETER.UNMACK at asu.edu
Wed, 16 Aug 2000 10:07:48 -0700 (MST)

Several small crabs (about 1 inch across the carapace) were found at a Hyatt
Hotel along the shore of Lake Las Vegas, a freshwater, artificial lake in
the Las Vegas area, on two separate occasions this year. The first sighting,
around March, included about a dozen crabs. All those collected at that time
were females. The second sighting, around June, was of 2 males and 2
females. No females with eggs were found, so it is not yet known if these
crabs are breeding or if the population will persist. They have been
tentatively identified based on photos as Geothelphusa sp. (Potamidae) by
Dr. Neil Cumberlidge, Northern Michigan University. Taxonomic experts are
now working to verify the genus and to determine the species. These are the
first introduced freshwater crabs reported in the wild in the US.

Photos at the above url.

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