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Dear All:
The second issue of REPTILIA,The European Herp Magazine, is about to be mailed!
Contents include:

Guyana: the lost opportunity.
Cyclura: the Ground Iguanas of the Caribbean.
Index of SpeciesNr. 2 and Poster: Pogona vitticeps
Metabolic Bone Disease in Common Iguanas.
Herps & Culture: The Feathered Serpent
Epipedobates tricolor
Photoreport: Dendrobates.
Scorpions of Spain.
Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri.
Geochelone carbonaria.
Conservation The Proposed Shipping Regulations for Herps Into the United States.
Harriet, The Galapagos Tortoise
Living with Herps: The Dangers of Lepidopterology
Conservation: Less is More. The self-regulation of the pet trade: a German
Plus book reviews, Herps & Stamps and, and, and....!

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We look forward to hearing from you!
Mercè Viader


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