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George Turner (gft at soton.ac.uk)
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 19:36:40 +0100 (BST)

Apologies for the unsolicited mail. I wonder if the following conference=20
might be of interest to subscribers to your list. Anyone interested please=
reply to me, on gft at soton.ac.uk, including your snail mail postal address.=

George Turner

International Symposium, Southampton, England, 13-16 July 1998

The Symposium Convenors: Dr. George F.Turner, University of Southampton
Prof. Gary R.Carvalho, University of Hull
Organising Committee: Terry Langford, Rosemary Lowe-McConnell, Nicholas=20
Polunin, Anne Magurran and Rosanna Robinson

The symposium will consider all aspects of tropical fish biology,=20
conservation and exploitation, with the aim of drawing upon the strengths of=
different disciplines to tackle common questions.=20
The following are suggestions for possible topics though any papers on the=
general theme will be considered by the Organising Committee. Fishes and=20
Ecosystems; Population and Conservation Genetics; Evolution and Speciation;=
Conservation & Resource Management; Behaviour. Keynote speakers confirmed so=
far are Prof. John Beddington (MRAG, London), Prof. Axel Meyer (SUNY, New=20
York), Prof Daniel Pauly (UBC, Vancouver), Prof. Robert Vrijenhoek (Rutgers,=
New Brunswick), Dr. V.Christensen (ICLARM, Denmark), Prof. R.R.Warner (Santa=
Barbara, USA). If there is sufficient interest, we may hold a workshop on=20
the theme of African freshwater fisheries and conservation on Friday 17th=

Every effort will be made to keep the costs to a minimum. Registration fees=
will be in the order of =A370, with reduced rates for students. Financial=20
assistance will be available for some students and delegates from developing=
countries. Enquiries, stating circumstances, should be addressed to the=20

The conference will be held at the University of Southampton on the south=20
coast of England. Southampton is a vibrant and lively city, renowned for its=
first class range of entertainment and leisure facilities and its abundance=
of parks. It is set amidst some of Britain's most ancient places of=20
interest. The cathedral cities of Salisbury and Winchester and the=20
prehistoric site of Stonehenge are close by. The New Forest, which extends=
across an area of 145 square miles, is easily reached and is one of the most=
beautiful and oldest woodlands in Europe.=20
Rich in heritage, the Medieval walled city of Southampton has played a=20
significant role in maritime history through the ages and remains a premier=
international port. The university reflects the city's relationship with the=
sea. The Southampton Oceanography Centre, Europe's leading centre for the=20
study of marine & earth sciences, is a joint project between the University=
and the Natural Environment Research Council. Three research ships are=20
berthed alongside the centre, which was officially opened in April 1996.
Southampton Airport is just 15 minutes from the Conference Hall and has=20
numerous flights from London and other major European cities. The city of=20
London and the major international airports of Heathrow and Gatwick are just=
over one hour away by train or car. Visitors to the UK may enjoy more=20
economical and scenic bus and rail journeys from London with cheap student=
fares available. Twice daily ferry services to Southampton are also=20
available from France.

Accommodation will be provided in a University of Southampton Hall of=20
Residence where bed and breakfast will cost from about =A325 to =A335=
to facilities required.

Abstracts should be submitted no later than Friday 14 November 1997. All=20
abstracts will be reviewed by the Organising Committee and accepted on their=
merit and relevance to the topic. The refereed proceedings will be published=
as a supplement to the Journal of Fish Biology within six months of the=20
Symposium. Potential delegates are asked to indicate their interest and=20
willingness to present a paper or a poster and if they are interested in=20
attending the workshop on African freshwater fishes. To receive further=20
details of the Symposium, registration forms and guidelines for the=20
preparation of abstracts, or for any other enquiries regarding the symposium=

Dr. George F.Turner (FSBI Symposium Organiser)Biodiversity & Ecology=20
DivisionSchool of Biological SciencesUniversity of SouthamptonBassett=20
Crescent EastSouthampton England, SO16 7PX =20
Telephone: 01703 594394 Fax: 01703 594269/594793 E-mail: GFT at SOTON.AC.UK

Dr G.F.Turner
Lecturer in Ecology/ Biodiversity
Division of Biodiversity & Ecology
University of Southampton
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England, UK
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