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Welcome to the archives of the electronic forum of the Aquatic Conservation Network ! ACN-L had it's humble beginnings in January 1996 due to the efforts of Rob Huntley and other members of ACN and the generous support of Gordon Dewis who runs the Pinetree Network. The list is presently co-run by Peter Unmack and Dean Staff. These archives were saved by Peter Unmack and Dean Staff and edited and maintained on this website by Peter Unmack.

ACN-L is a Public Mailing List open to anyone interested in aquatic conservation issues. ACN-L has been established for:

  • Information exchange, public announcements and discussion pertaining to aquatic biodiversity and conservation.
  • Rapid transfer of information among members of the Aquatic Conservation Network.
  • Discussion of the ACN programs and activities. In short, the list was created to allow people of the world to discuss the conservation of fishes and any issues relevant to this.

    Most of these archives have been checked, however, if you find any non ACN-L messages, or posts with the wrong dates (ie, they are in the wrong month), or duplicate posts please email Peter Unmack.

    If you wish to search these archives please add your search term(s) to the following. Keep the text 'aquatic conservation network mailing list archive:' as this restricts the search to only the ACN mailing list archive.


    These archives are maintained by Peter Unmack.

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