Welcome to www.peter.unmack.net!

I am a research fellow at the Institute for Applied Ecology at the University of Canberra working on projects primarily focused on the phylogeography, population and conservation genetics of Australian freshwater fishes.

This site has several pages as follows:

My curriculum vitae including links to papers and abstracts I've written.

Guides to various aspects of molecular phylogenetics that I've written.

GIS data from various parts of the world for addressing hypotheses relating to the effects of sea level change on aquatic organisms.

Australian freshwater fish biogeography, along with a bibliography of Australian freshwater aquatic molecular studies.

Photos from various field trips as well as a specific page on fishes of Aravaipa Creek.

GIS data for the Biotic Communities of North America by David Brown, Peter Unmack and Tom Brennan.

Data from our GIS work in North American deserts.

Email archives for the Aquatic Conservation Network mailing list (click here) and the Rainbowfish Mailing List (Click here).

This site hosts several other websites as follows:

www.gambusia.net, the Gambusia control homepage.

www.pupfish.net/dsac, the Desert Springs Action Committee homepage.

www.nanfa.org, the North American Native Fishes Association homepage.

Other sites that I have made major contributions to that you may be interested to visit are the Australian section of the Desert Fishes Council homepage. A second one is Species Bank on the Australian Department of the Environment and Heritage webpage. This has text, pictures and distribution maps for 50 Australian freshwater fishes.

Other sites of interest include:

Jon Nevill's website on aspects of freshwater protected areas.

If you have any questions please feel free to email Peter Unmack at